|Lifestyle | Hello 2019

Hello my loves,


Happy 2019!


I feel like its taken me a wee while to get this first post of the year out of my head. But here I am, finaaally sitting down to type it up.

I’m super excited for everything 2019 has to come. I’m currently having a major clear out to help with packing up my flat as the end of next month is my big move back to ABERDEEN.


My return to Aberdeen has been a long time coming. Aberdeen has always felt like home to me. Even in my 3 years living in Glasgow, every weekend trip to Aberdeen brought with it a comforting familiarness and each return to Glasgow was met with a uneasy sense of regret.


So with 2019 comes a new set of goals


Look after yourself more

And by that I mean in every sense.

Face Mask lots. Drink plenty water. Drink less caffeine. Eat healthier. Exercise more. Get out and about. Fresh Air. More Yoga. Sleep enough, but not too much.


Save Moolah

This year needs to be a year of being more money aware. Stop stupid spends. Actively put money aside each month. Plan outgoings.


Career Head ON

March sees the start of my new career. I’m rediciously excited for this job. And I cannot wait to train and progress my knowledge in my field.

Read More

So 2018 saw me finally getting back into reading. I have now got a super long list of books I want to get through by the end of this year.


Get Out Your Comfort Zone

This year I’m going to put myself out there more. IF that means join more clubs or even trying out a different sense of style I’m going to try it out.

Positive Vibes Only

This year is my year for cutting out anything negative or toxic. I’m already in such a better place than this time last year. But I have learnt that it’s so much better to just get rid of anything or anyone negative in my life.


What are your 2019 goals?



Until Next Time,

Shona Marie xo


28 thoughts on “|Lifestyle | Hello 2019

  1. Love these sorts of post! Entering 2019 determined and goals lined up ready to smash! My goal is to be well on my way to my dream creative career, all the positivity and to travel far and wide!

    Finlay Grace


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