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Hello Loves,

Finally we made it to February.! Whyyyy is January suuch a long month!? SO killer. That being said I decided to make February my new January and start all my new year plans and resolutions from this month on, I mean why make January any worse right….

So if you want to see whats on my 2020 resolution list, keep reading…



My main aim for 2020 is to get into a healthier routine. This week I start back at PT with Gary Pickard. And also start the week off with one of his Spin classes on a Monday. I have also started back at Yoga – which is not only great for your core, its also a massive mood lifter. Then ending the week on a LB&T class on a Friday evening before I can enjoy the weekend.


This year I’ve finally bought myself a planner. This means I can clearly see my week ahead. Clear my mind of trying to remember everything. Annnnd hopefully actually sit down and set a weekly meal plan.



This is a weird one, but if you know me you know I am 100% not a morning person. This also means I’ve never been a breakfast person. I mainly get up have a coffee and can’t think about food until I’ve been awake for a few hours at least. So this year I’ve decided to get into a healthier routine and just eat breakfast as soon as I wake up.



I’m making Sundays a day for me. To have a lazy morning, maybe catch up on a few blogs and have a pamper day. This involves plenty of Netflix series’, fresh nails and a lot of skincare.



What are your 2020 resolutions?


Until Next Time,

Shona Marie xo


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9 thoughts on “| Lifestyle | Hello 2020

  1. These all sound like great resolutions. I have bought a planner for this year too and I am finding it so useful I sit down on a Sunday and plan for the week ahead so I have an idea of what I need to be doing. I also find it quite useful to write down my thought or feelings at the end of the day or if something good happens I record that too


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