|Lifestyle | Hello 2019

Hello my loves,


Happy 2019!


I feel like its taken me a wee while to get this first post of the year out of my head. But here I am, finaaally sitting down to type it up.

I’m super excited for everything 2019 has to come. I’m currently having a major clear out to help with packing up my flat as the end of next month is my big move back to ABERDEEN.


My return to Aberdeen has been a long time coming. Aberdeen has always felt like home to me. Even in my 3 years living in Glasgow, every weekend trip to Aberdeen brought with it a comforting familiarness and each return to Glasgow was met with a uneasy sense of regret.


So with 2019 comes a new set of goals


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| Blogmas | Thank U, 2018

So 2018 is quickly coming to an end and I thought why not take a quick look back at what  great year its been!


As you could easily tell by looking at my Spotify Top 100 songs of 2018 I was dumped. This is made clear by heavily featuring songs such as “No Scrubs” and “Ain’t yo Mamma”

Minus that but also totally including it as well 2018 has been suuuuuch a fab year.

Probably the best I’ve had in such a long time.

I finally feel as though I’m getting somewhere in life and everything is coming together perfectly after a long time of feeling lost.


Career-wise, Blog-wise and Personal Life-wise everything seems to be getting better…

Blog wise 2018 has seen me being invited along to my first proper blog event with a drinks reception and lots of exciting events (which unfortunately due to work commitments I could not make)

It also gave me my first paid opportunity (again bad timing but totally appreciated)

And most of all its been the first year I have been nominated for The UK Blog Awards – in two categories.


Career-wise, I started the year in January with an Exam and in March found out I passed which was a fab start to the year.

It also lined me up perfectly for a job that had been advertised in the Aberdeen office of my company back in November. I’ve always wanted to move back up North to Aberdeen so when I saw this job I jumped at the opportunity to apply.

*Now the fact I’ve never had an interview and not been offered the job, paired with the fact that I’ve never wanted a job so much in my life… I was almost certain I was about to hit that knock-back that’s so not wanted. Unbelievably, it didn’t come. *

I had the job offer less than a week after my interview! Not only am I moving back to my happy place but this is the best career move I’ve made. It also comes with its own office! No more being sat out in the open plan area for me….(close that door behind ya thanks).


Personal Life-wise I feel as though I’ve achieved so much this year!

I got back to my normal happy weight by pretty quickly loosing 2 stone in the first few months of the year.

I picked myself up; got back to my normal self, got my confidence back up and got out a hell of a lot more.

I had my first mortgage advisor meeting, finally on the way to gettinng on the ladder.

I went on dates I never normally wouldn’t have.

I finally went abroad for the first time in years

I got a matching tattoo with my best friend.

My older sister got married (Okay this one isn’t mine but still a fab 2018 memory)

Annnnd honestly I’m feeling as if 2019 will be an even better year for me.
So in the words of the great Ariana Grande “Thank U, Next!”


What are your favourite memories from 2018?



Until Next Year!

Shona Marie xo







| Lifestyle | Homeware Picks

Hello lovelies,


So I’ve decided to put together a quick blog post on my current favourite bits and bobs for around your home. This is inspired by the fact that yesterday (Haha when I initially started this post *cough* September) I started my first steps towards becoming a home owner. Super super exciting!! I went into my first meeting with a mortgage advisor just to get an idea of where I’m at now, how far I need to get to get on the property ladder, and how much of a mortgage loan is possible for me.

I went into this meeting with zero expectations and I left on an absolute high. I had been looking at flats at the lower end of my mortgage range thinking that had been my highest range. So to know I can afford a much better flat/house is just fab!! Also on a side note, if you live in Scotland like I do and you’re a first time buyer definitely look into setting up a Help to By ISA. This is a government scheme that you can use to save your 5% deposit and when you go to buy the government will contribute a percentage (up to £12,000 + £3,000 from the gov).


Every little helps!

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| Blogmas | 25 Christmas Films to Watch Before the 25th

Happy December!


So I thought a quick little Blogmas post and one that I would totally appreciate if I were to come across it myself is a list of 25 Christmas films to watch before the big day itself!

I mean I absolutely love a good Christmas film, and although I’ve waited until December itself to post this, it doesn’t mean I waited until now to watch Christmas films…


Anyways short post so here it is….


The Holiday


Love Actually


Home Alone


Home Alone 2: Lost In New York




The Grinch


The Polar Express




Mickeys Christmas Carol


Jack Frost


The Princess Switch


The Night Before


Arthur Christmas


Santa Claus: The Movie


Just Friends


A Christmas Carol


Jingle All the Way


Deck The Halls


The Santa Clause


The Nightmare Before Christmas


Edward Scissorhands


Bad Santa


Last Holiday


Christmas With The Kranks


Daddy’s Home 2







P.S this is in absolutely no particular order… just a top 25


What is your go to feel good Christmas Film?


Until Next Time,

Shona Marie xo


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| Blogmas|Hebridean Woodcraft

Hey Guys,


Welcome back to my Blogmas posts.


This is super special one. I’ve decided to do a post to support a small business at Christmas. And one close to my heart.


Hebridean Woodcraft


This is a little local run business that my older sister has started. At the moment she mainly makes Christmas pieces. And they can be personalised too.


One of the main reason  I love them is because they remind me of home. Some are written in Gaelic and some are personalised to the Island I grew up on.


Before I post some pictures of the fab pieces she has come up with you can also check out her Facebook page here.










What are your favourite small businesses that you support?


Until Next Time,

Shona Marie xo


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| Blogmas |Christmas Picks Edit

Hello Beauties,


It’s officially December 1st so Christmas Season!! Actually the best time of the year!

Did I get through work yesterday by listening to Christmas music all day… yes.

Has my Airwicks flat spray now changed over to Mulled Wine scent? Also Yes.

And Am I currently on my 4th Christmas film of the day… duh?

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| Lifestyle | Single In the City ~ The Dr Will See You Now

Hello beauties,


Welcome to the second instalment of Single in the City and this has to be one of the quickest most dull dates I’ve had in my life…and that is saying something


Let me set the scene; I’ve had a super long week at work, it’s a cold Thursday night in October and I’m actually coming home to put my face on and head out to meet a guy for drinks…. on a school night too! This is not the one, I love nothing more than a cosy night in.

I had been WhatsApping this guy for a while. Everything seemed pretty perfect, a year older than me, a farm boy, really polite and seeming a genuinely good guy.

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