| Lifestyle | ASOS Playsuit/ Summer Dress Edit

Hello hello,

The summer is just round the corner and so far we have had such sunny weeks here in Scotland!! Who needs to travel abroad on days like this! I’m loving it!


Anyways all this fab weather has got me in the mood to start looking for some holiday pieces. And so far I have amassed quite the collection of playsuits and summer dresses from of course the absolute go to online retailer… ASOS.


So if this sounds like your kinda thang…


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Is there such a thing as too many poka dots??!


Have you got any exciting trips booked this year?




Shona Marie xo


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| Lifestyle | Things I Have Learnt In My 8 Weeks of Yoga


Hello hello,


If you are looking to take up yoga and want to know a little bit more about it,  what you’re letting yourself in for down to the nitty-gritty stuff, this is probably not the post for you!

This is the I’m an absolute beginner unexpected happenings of the last 8 weeks/ fun facts…


Yoga is not as easy as I assumed


Basically I went into yoga thinking fab! This will be chilled – meditation – I will leave here feeling so Zen! And yes you do… but to get to that stage for an unbalanced clumsy mess like me is a lot of wobbles and confused looks around the room (Help me – what am I doing).


Breathing is Difficult 


This is not just any breathing, Ujjayi breathing is usually the first thing we do in my classes. I might be slightly exaggerating but breathing in and out for someone elses sloooow count of 5 can make you light-headed. I guess this adds to the overall calm and zen vibes.


Don’t practice a shoulder stand alone


So its a few weeks into classes now and people have progressed a lot from day 1. I decided to try up my game and join the shoulder stand club. So instead of the embarrassment of going for it in class I thought why not practice in my flat. Great idea. I managed it! Pretty much straight away might I add! But with the excitement came a backwards flip over my neck annnnd a long flat lie on my floor to stop the pain… Kinda glad this wasn’t a class event witnessed by plenty. But also ouch what I did serious damage?? No help for me!


Your Mental Health will Improve 


Yoga is unreal for not only you physical but also your mental health. I can’t explain how much happier it makes me. I feel less stressed out in life. It is literally my happy place. One class a week is not enough but for now will do.


You will gain a core


Before my first ever yoga class my core was non existant. And I struggled. If you havent already got a good core, you will…





Have you ever tried a Yoga class?



Shona Marie


| Flab to Fab | The Beginning…

Happy happy New Year!


I hope everyone’s new year has got off to a great start, unfortunately for me mine has been pretty poor. Starting with a chest infection/ horrendous flu that began on Boxing Day and hasn’t completely cleared yet, but is definitely manageable now.

I have decided that 2018 is my year for sorting my fitness and getting back to a body I feel comfortable in – because let’s face it last year is the most unhappy I’ve ever been in my body – annnnd I’m thinking if I blog about it, I cannot let myself fail. So here goes project Flab to Fab! 

I would love you to follow me on my journey. Where we can hopefully motivate and inspire each other-  sharing tips on clean eating, gym plans and progress.

Fingers crossed a few months down the line I’ll be feeling happier and notice a difference…


Are You On A Health/Fitness Kick This Year?


Shona Marie xo

| Blogmas | Glasgow Christmas Markets

Yaay finally Ciaran and I had a Saturday off together with zero plans soooo its CHRISTMAS MARKET TIMEEE!!! How Exciting!

Every morning en route to work I’ve had to walk through/past the St Enoch Christmas Market on my way to the subway. And every morning my thoughts have been how much longer until I can get in my full Christmas mood, wander about in cosy clothes drinking a Mulled Wine or a Spiced Plum Cider and taste all kinds of market food!

So yes, as its finally here, I am buzzing!

Here are some pictures of what we got up to last Saturday Night…


















Omg! How amazing are the Yorkshire wraps! I was so excited to finally get my hands on one, and it didn’t disappoint!!


Where Is Your Favourite Christmas Market?


Shona Marie xo


| Lifestyle | Christmas Jumper Picks for 2017

Is it time to start pulling out the Christmas jumpers from the back of the wardrobe yet??!

Hmm, maybe just slightly early! But that hasn’t stopped me having a look around the shops for a much needed new jumper for the Festive Season!!

So far on my hunt I’ve come across plenty that I absolutely adore. And there is just too much choice!

Here are a small sample of my current front runners…


 ASOS | Boohoo Bah Hum Pug Slogan Christmas Jumper | £18.00



 ASOS | Club L Textured Jolly Merry Christmas Jumper | £18.00




Tesco | F&F Sequinned Bauble Eyelash Knit Christmas Jumper | £20.00




 NEXT | Fashion Union Novelty Ho Ho Ho Jumper | £25.00




 Boohoo | Eva Merry Christmas Ya Filthy Animal Jumper | £15.00





Annnd for those of us who are expecting over the Christmas  period I have found the ideal jumper…


Boohoo | Maternity Maisie Santa Baby Christmas Jumper | £15.00




Far too cute!

Bring on all the Christmas jumper days.


Have you already looked out your Christmas jumper for this year?


Shona Marie xo


| Lifestyle | Office Christmas Party Dress Edit

With the Office Christmas Party Season just around the corner and mine being next Friday, I thought I would make a quick run down on my top picks for the night itself!!

So here are Seven dresses that I’m currently loving for this Season…


Lipsy | VIP Lace Embroidered Midi Dress | £125.00




Quiz – Green Velvet Wrap Split Maxi Dress | £35.99





ASOS | Lace Cami Midi Pencil Dress | £70.00





ASOS | Drape Satin Maxi Dress | £65.00




ASOS | John Zack Petite Plunge Front Wrap Maxi Dress | £42.00




ASOS | John Zack Tall Off Shoulder Ruffle Midi Dress | £38.00




River Island | Black high neck wrap front midi bodycon dress | £30.00





This Christmas I’m all for the Green and Burgundy Dresses. So seasonal!


Also I’ve never been much into the idea of a velvet dress but Quiz definitely know what they are doing!


Have You Many Christmas Nights Out Lined Up This Year?


Shona Marie xo



| Lifestyle | Winter Warmers

Ahhh the winter months are here and it’s soo cold out! I’m sure I’m not alone when I say that the commute to work is a frozen struggle. Too early, too dark and too cold = moody wee Shonz!

On the other hand, there is the positive of my absolute favourite thing about this time of year ~ the cosy cosy clothes!!

And so I’ve put together a wee list of my current fave winter warmers available at this present time…


New Look | Yellow Faux Fur Pom Pom Bobble Hat | £5.99




Zara | Faux Fur Ear Muffs | £5.99




ASOS | ALDO Abenadia Cable Knit Gloves | £18.00




ASOS | River Island Double Faux Fur Pom Pom Beanie Hat | £16.00




ASOS | Vero Moda Check Scarf | £18




New Look | Pale Grey Faux Fur Trim Slipper Socks | £7.49




So cute! So cosy!


I will definitely be stocking up on a few of these cosies next weekend after payday!


What is your favourite thing about winter clothes?


Shona Marie xo